RMTech is a firm based in Dominican republic and has been a Cablix distributor for the past 2 years with remarkable results. Recently, RMTech has launched a training program for installers of both copper and fiber systems.

Over 40 individuals attended to the entirety of the events, and have since been certified to become Cablix installers and professionals with our products. It is with great pride that we influence others to perform their job at their best. With proven experience from our trainers that are passed on to the younger generation.

For the long haul.

Through training and certification, we plan and hope to help installers and clients to perform optimal installations that are up to standard to what we promise in every product; Reliability and peace of mind. We hope to achieve a sustainable development plan so that others are comfortable utilizing our products.

Through selective feedback we hear directly from individuals on the field. This way, we can provide solutions that are practical and economic.

Both words, don’t seem to go well together. The risk that someone will mess up in the enormity of tentative steps is substantial. That is why the Cablix Academy comes in to provide easily accessible information to perform your job at its best.